My preferences

These are some trivial preferences of mine that may or may not be polemic.

My preferred text editor is VIM (actually, I use neovim). At some point, I'd be willing to try Emacs, but right now I don't have enough time to properly learn and customize it. I'm probably already way too invested in VIM.

I like Megadeth more than Metallica. I like Genesis's Peter Gabriel era more than the Phil Collins era. Dio was a much better singer than Ozzy, but I like the riffs and songs from the Ozzy era more. I prefer Mike Portnoy over Mike Mangini. I like Syd Barret and David Gilmour equally, but for different reasons.

The two sounds the bring me the most joy are heavy guitars with fuzz and mellotrons.

My favorite beer styles are Imperial Stouts, Barleywines and Scotch ales. I rarely drink IPAs outside of summer.

I prefer functional programming over object-oriented programming. Out of all the programming languages I've tried, Haskell and Clojure are the ones that I've liked the most. Click here to read my opinion on recursion.

Xmonad is my favorite window manager. I like the gruvbox color scheme and the Inconsolata font.

I use GNU/Linux as a daily driver. Mostly, because it's the most viable FLOSS desktop operating system. I may try some of the BSDs (OpenBSD being particularly attractive) at some point. I don't consider other free OSs (like Haiku, FreeDOS, ReactOS, Redox, TempleOS...) viable daily driver options for me, but playing with them in VMs is still fun. I don't consider non-free OSs as options (unless I'm forced to use them by my employer).

Btw, I use arch.